Useful visual summary of all the insane shit Donald Trump says

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Did Donald Trump rape a child?

Link here. Details about past allegations of rape, including from his wife, here. Who should be under criminal investigation now? ... Read More

Psychic Healing to overcome the trauma of illegal wars

I cried for this young man.  He is one from thousands of young Americans who have come back from USA’s  illegal wars with severe trauma and while many have committed suicide, others like Sgt Torrey Grossman have found effective ways... Read More

New PM Justin Trudeau is as warlike as ex-PM Stephen Harper

It’s true. Both can now be labelled “warmongering” Prime Ministers of Canada.  Once politicians get hold of that high office, they become pawns in the hands of the actual powers-that-be ruling  our planet. Justin Trudeau is no different.  All politicians... Read More

After the Brexit, a couple of enlightening vids

Whew … the sky didn’t fall on the UK for committing the “sin” of divorcing from the EU.  Also, I believe trading power-houses of note are queuing up to trade with the UK, relieved that they won’t have to deal... Read More

Wondering about the deafening silence from America’s MSM on the Orlando shooting?

It’s glaringly obvious to anyone with even the lowest possible IQ that what happened at the gay club in Orlando DID NOT go down as the government’s lapdog MSM have been trying to push down our throats.  The liars in... Read More

Mike Robinson

Sad to hear about his sudden passing.  Last time I saw him was on election night at Global TV in Toronto. He got up and shook my hand and was very friendly. Those who know the back story will know... Read More

Fake counseling for a fake condition

Seen on a Calgary c-train.Project Rachel is a Catholic  anti-abortion group offering fundamentalist Christian guilt and shame based counseling to deal with the shame they promote. Actual Project Rachel counseling sessions may not be exactly as portrayed – but probably not... Read More

Adler-Kinsella Show: Brexit, Conservatives and Franklin the Turtle 

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Jet Stream Crosses Equator

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LIVE POLL ! Will You Still Support Bernie Sanders if He Chooses The GREEN PARTY ? | Votocrat

LIVE POLL ! Will You Still Support Bernie Sanders if He Chooses The GREEN PARTY ? (a)Yes    (b)No     (Click To Vote Now) Source: LIVE POLL ! Will You Still Support Bernie Sanders if He Chooses The GREEN PARTY ? |... Read More

What is Bernie Up To?

I sure don’t know, and I’m sure that Hillary Clinton and her campaign managers are wondering too. In today’s New York Times, the independent socialist Senator from Vermont published a hard-hitting … Source: What is Bernie Up To? ... Read More

KING: Brutal cop killing of beloved dad ‘a modern day lynching’ – NY Daily News

When police officers assault or kill someone, getting to the truth of what happened, barring the presence of video, is nearly impossible. Source: KING: Brutal cop killing of beloved dad ‘a modern day lynching’ – NY Daily News ... Read More

On the jihadi attack at the Istanbul Ataturk Airport

It was a good thing I got to vacation in Istanbul and thereabouts a few months before all the expected  trouble which is now coming to full bloom in Turkey.  When you wish ill on others, you get double of... Read More

The former Minister of Curry in a Hurry should Worry

…because his prospects are blurry. Jason Kenney, who I genially detest, is apparently heading back to Alberta, because he knows his flavour of conservativism – socially, fiscally and politically antediluvian conservativism – is dead as a proverbial doornail in Ottawa.... Read More


I’m not naming names. But I can tell you one ministerial office in Ottawa received one ticket to Obama’s speech.  And you know who they gave it to? Not the Chief of Staff. Not the head of comms or the... Read More

Obama who?

Here are the top online stories for the major media outlets right now: Globe: Real estate industry in BC Star: billing by doctors Post: mass murder in Texas Sun: Mississauga house explosion  Times: Boris Johnson exits  Any other US media: something... Read More

To My Less-Evilism Haters: A Rejoinder to Halle and Chomsky

John Halle has taken to calling my CounterPunch article, No Lesser Evil, Not This Time, “idiotic” and part of the “lunatic and sociopathic left”. These pathetic and childlike insults are part of a … Source: To My Less-Evilism Haters: A... Read More

Dumber than a sack of hockey pucks

This Subban trade is the dumbest decision since Harper decided to have a 100-day campaign about a veil worn by two women. — Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) June 29, 2016 ... Read More

We get letters: a fan writes

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