CNN says “breaking news” too often. But this really was breaking news.

This renders it a conspiracy, in other words. Much easier to prosecute. #USPolitics #Trumprussia — Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) March 23, 2017 ... Read More

The shocking truth revealed 

I can now reveal I was offered the role of Ritchie in Happy Days, but I declined because it was beneath me. I will not be taking questions. — Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) March 23, 2017 ... Read More

O Inglorious Justin: Bad Bit In New Budget!!!

The Liberals are killing the public transit tax credit. #Budget2017— Andrew Scheer (@andrewscheer) March 22, 2017This one is a personal kick in the nads for both the wife and I, as we prefer to take the buses in and... Read More

The part of the budget that suggests to me that this isn’t the full budget

From the Globe: Despite calls from the United States for Canada to increase its contributions to international military efforts, there is no increase in defence spending in the 2017 budget. In fact, the Department of National Defence is reallocating $8.48-billion... Read More

Field Notes: CMS Africa Summit

Automatticians, the people who build, participate in events and projects around the world every day. Periodically, they report back on the exciting things they do in the community. This year’s CMS Africa Summit was my third attendance at this... Read More

When John Dean accuses you of a "Cover-up," you’ve got a real Problem. . .

Few people have as intimate a knowledge of political cover-ups as counselor to Richard Nixon John Dean. If you haven’t already seen it, watch as Dean describes the Trump presidency in full-on “cover-up” mode. There is little question in my... Read More

I am also reminded of Star Trek season two, episode 15, The Trouble With Tribbles

IT'S A LIVING THING SEPARATING FROM THE HOST — Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) March 22, 2017 ... Read More

A Sorbara story

Greg Sorbara was on Steve Paikin’s The Agenda last night on TVO.  I was at Strombo’s place watching Against Me! play in Strombo’s living room, so I missed Steve’s show.  But I certainly heard about it afterwards. On Paikin’s much-watched... Read More

Against Me! In Strombo’s living room! With me and Bjorn!

Wish Lisa and Emma could’ve been there, too – but they’re both in Ottawa.  Yes, this was our official wedding dance song. Sing along! I don’t ever want to talk that way again, I don’t want to know people like... Read More

New in Reader: Combined Cards

If you’ve ever followed a frequently updating site in Reader, you may have noticed a problem. When one of your followed sites goes on a posting streak, it can easily overwhelm your stream, causing you to miss posts from less frequent sites.... Read More

This week’s column, now on HuffPo!

And Donald Trump’s words sure are coming back to haunt him, aren’t they? It’s beautiful.  I wish him deep and everlasting misery and pain.   ... Read More

“When Dad is indicted, I’m going to do some modelling for LL Bean!”

... Read More


It’s apparently International Poetry Day, or something like that. Having always loved poetry – and having always lacked the ability to write it well, myself – I decided I would share my favourite poem by my favourite poet with you.... Read More

Kevin O’Leary doesn’t know who the Minister of Public Safety is

It’s Ralph Goodale. You know, the Saskatchewan Liberal who has been in the House of Commons since 1993, which coincidentally is the same year that Kevin O’Leary moved to Boston, where he has been ever since. Anyway, O’Leary says he’s... Read More

Having fun writing my own headlines as I watch CNN

... Read More

This week’s column: campaigns don’t matter – words do

Campaigns matter. That’s a long-time conceit of political consultants, of course.  We say it all the time.  I even worked at a successful political consulting firm which trademarked the phrase. Campaigns Matter™. Campaigns matter – along with its corollary, “the... Read More

Pollyanna says: hail to Canada’s media

It’s not because the NNA nominees are out that I am reminded that we have some of the best media in the world. Not at all. I think, like Jerry Seinfeld, that award shows are horseshit. No, I believe that... Read More

The Mudslinging Begins

I see that the fun and games have begun in earnest as Tory leadership candidates insult each other and toss accusations of cheating around. All of this coming after O’Leary went public and accused someone of rigging the leadership election.... Read More

Save Your Favorite Images and Media on, Anytime

We’ve added a new media section to your dashboard, allowing you to bulk upload, edit, and tweak your media files. Let’s look at the changes: Upload Media in Bulk Add new items in bulk by going to Media →... Read More

BREAKING: FBI actively investigating Trump-Russia “coordination”

Here we go. It will be hard for the trained seals in the GOP caucus to ignore this.  And, wow. Never thought Comey would go this far. WOW: FBI CONFIRMS IT IS INVESTIGATING TRUMP-RUSSIA LINKS #USPOLI #POTUS — Warren... Read More