Fire Bill Morneau

He’s a fuck-up, a total 5 alarm fuck-up, fucking up  a simple slam-dunk “tax fairness” issue like this.   Bye bye idiot-stick!  Kick his ass so far, Justin, that it doesn’t land until 2018.   ... Read More

The Pope: The one man who can save Spain.

Spain’s problem can be solved by one man: the Pope. How? Simple. The Pope invites (commands?) the two leaders of Spain and Catalonia to meet with him and his advisors, in the Vatican. As part of the public invitation, the... Read More

Recipe for Hate in Quill and Quire: “suspenseful page-turner”!

Quite a few folks mentioned this Quill and Quire review to me at the Windsor Bookfest this weekend. I was grateful the Bookfest folks invited me – and that Biblioasis sold as many copies of the book as they did! Here’s... Read More

“The Charter protects all Canadians, every one of us, even when it is uncomfortable.”

Justin Trudeau said that, back in July, when he was asked about his government paying $10 million to Omar Khadr.  It’s a quote: “The Charter protects all Canadians, everyone of us, even when it is uncomfortable.” And here’s what Justin... Read More

There’s a political lie for every occasion

... Read More

Recipe For Hate is out!

Was just at Dundurn Press (and I’m now at the Patrician Grill to celebrate, where else) and they gave me a pile of copies of my new book, Recipe For Hate – and the good folks there told me that... Read More

Would you invite a neo-Nazi to your house? (Updated! Happy ending!)

Of course you wouldn’t. But Ontario’s three main political parties did. A committee comprised of all the main parties in the Ontario Legislature have given Canada’s leading white supremacist an opportunity to speak to them about abortion. I’m not making... Read More

This young guy in Ottawa picked up Recipe For Hate!

Nice guy. Knew a lot about current events.  Says he looks forward to reading Recipe For Hate. Told him it is getting great reviews. We had a great chat, although it was a little odd that he put both of his... Read More

Shooting Yourself In The Foot

“Let’s keep shooting ourselves in the foot” should be the slogan for the Liberal Party over the last few days. First bring in tax reforms that hurt small business owners and farmers; then scramble to find an out that tries... Read More

Column: desperate politicians do desperate things

How desperate is Justin Trudeau to keep NAFTA? Ask the Mexicans, now peering out from under the proverbial bus – where, you know, Trudeau pushed them. Pretty desperate. As they welcomed the Canadian Prime Minister to Mexico City on Thursday... Read More

Some of my tweets from Oct 7 – 14

#cdnpoli #tcot #TOpoli Lesson learnt: Only ONE community owns trademark on word “holocaust”  n don’t u forget it. — MariaS Nunes (@Dodocanspell) October 7, 2017 #cdnpoli #tcot #TOpoli What MSM won’t tell u “Belgium with 20 B61 tactical nukes…has... Read More

California Fires

First vid … Drone captures some of the devastation.The second vid is unbelievable! ... Read More

What would wedging Kurdistan between four nations mean?

Answer: More wars and more profits from arms sales to the 1%ters whether they be outside the Middle East or within it. Alastair Crooke at ConsortiumNewsKurdish Referendum Roils the Mideast One week after Kurdish leader Masud Barzani held his referendum... Read More

Did Donald Trump obstruct justice?

The Brookings Institute has just released a 108-page, single-spaced, fully-footnoted, tightly-reasoned indictment of Donald Trump. The whole document is here. At the risk of spoiling it for you, here is the key part of the conclusion:  With that caveat, our review... Read More

Cartoons … Hollywood ((Babylon))

... Read More

On the psychopaths and dirty laundry hiders of Hollywood

While reading up on the airing of this dirty laundry, this dirtiest of linen that has been piling up since the last 3 decades but kept hidden by the collective community of tens of hundreds of  people in Babylon who... Read More

Mothers don’t let your children grow up to be killers which they ultimately become in Uncle Sam’s War Factory.

“Twilight’s Last Gleaming”  a  Burt Lancaster movie. ... Read More

On the psychology of mass killers

When guns are sold like doughnuts and are as easily obtainable as buying your favorite brand of pop, when Hollywood churns out movie after movie depicting gun violence, when video games coming out of the USA, Japan and South Korea... Read More

Going Underground ……

on various topics. ... Read More

How Empires use covert operations to fool Joe Public

Read and learn to deflect the vicious intentions of the puppeteers.Caoimhghin Ó Croidheáin at DissidentVoiceThe Six “Secret” Tactics of Empire The 6 ‘secret’ tactics of empire are strategies of change used by governments, usually covertly, to attain political or military... Read More